Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things that I’m drooling for…

I got this idea because last month some lots of colleagues of mine were having a birthday and we’re confused to buy a present for them. Yeah… them… since their birthday date is only in a few days difference.
We made a discussion by email, however unfortunately, like usual, it was inconclusive discussion… :P Because all of us dunno what they’re wanted…
So I guess this kind of matters won’t happen to me if I write this wish list… :P so here’s the list: oh yeah, this list is ordered what I drool the most… (read: most expensive hihihi… $_$)

  1. Chateau

  2. Everybody (who is normal) always dream for having their own house.

  3. Porsche

  4. This one of my dream ride wkkk…

  5. Multimedia Speaker

  6. My main reason buying speaker is that I concern with my health due to fact that after I moved to Bali I left my old Sony mini HiFi to my sister, so most of the time I’m using this earphone… since my laptop’s speakers is not that good… hehehe… I do realize if I continue doing this unhealthy habit, I can become deaf… :P

    At the first time I wanted to buy a bookshelf speaker instead of multimedia speakers, but then I changed my mine because… I cannot find any audio store around here… even if I can find one… most likely I’m still not having the knowledge to choose the correct one, either for the amplifier and the speaker. After all if I can found the correct one which is suitable for me, almost certainly I cannot afford it yet :P

    Another reason is that I’m still have no house to stay, still “nomaden” so if I'm moving from a boarding house to other boarding house… multimedia speaker is more effortless; thought the weight of this AE Aego M Seriesthat I wanted to buy is about 10kgs T_T… well at least it’s smaller than most of the bookshelf speaker… :P

  7. Acoustic Guitar

  8. Hmm… I left my guitar at my ex boarding house at Semarang when I moved to Jakarta… actually it cannot be considered as my guitar, since my brother who bought it :P. Even though it’s a very cheap guitar, since then I felt there’s a part of my body is missing… wkkk… And I keep drooling when I listen to the Depapepe’s song… =P~
    Originally aim for Yamaha APX series, since it has a build in… I dunno what it is called… that fancy electronic device that being used to help adjusting the tone… and build in pre amp… 

    After asking an advice to a friend who has a good experience in playing guitar… he advised me to buy the Bruswick guitar… The price is almost the same with the Yamaha APX series.

    However based on my level of playing guitar which is not good at all and my budget… probably I’ll buy F series first 

  9. Digital Camera

  10. Living in Bali with all of its heavenly scenery makes me tempted to take one or two shoot of it into a photograph.
    And after doing a research for awhile by asking a friend of mine who has experiences photography, I trimmed my list to the Nikon D 40.

  11. New cell phone

  12. Hmm… to be honest I haven’t buy a cell phone with my own money :P And currently I have a problem with my cell phone… I guess it’s the time to buy a cell phone by my own…
    Additional feature that I expect from a cell phone besides all of its basic functionality (to make a call and SMS) is that it has to be able to be able to produce nice audio quality :P And since I don’t like fat and bulky phone… right now I chose the SE W902... it suffices more than the functionality that I needed. But the sad thing is that although this cell phone is less expensive than the fancy iPhone, it is still expensive… well… specially for a parsimonious person like me… :P

Those are the things that currently I’m drooling for… Unfortunately there’s a tax bill that I had to pay and for sure it cost me a fortune… T_T so keeping this list for a while probably is the best idea for now.
But someday I’ll buy those things myself… but if there’s someone want to buy it for me… I don’t have to spend my money… and I’ll be really happy!...
Anyway for this wish list is just a joke of course. The truth is that having friends… and gather with them… laughing together… and sharing the happiness… hmm… those moments are very priceless… much more precious than any birthday presents… ^^
However… again… if someone want to buy me those things… I really appreciate it… wakakaka… kidding…