Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to my blog...

I’m glad that finally I can write a blog, after postponed for a quite long while.

There are some reasons why I’m tempted to be a blogger. One of the reasons is to practicing my writing skills; especially in English; but I can’t promise to write all of the articles in English due to the fact of my limitation in English. And sometimes I believe that some story or article is more fun or exited if it’s written in Bahasa or even in Ngoko* :P

That’s the “normal” reason; the other thing that motivates me is the fact that a lot of people who knows me (my friends or even my family member) told me that I sometimes always have a different point of view analyzing things. Well, sitting in other way I’m writing this blog also to tell the world how silly I am (please refer to About Me for more explanation). And I really hope people can enjoy my blog, if you find that you aren’t enjoying my blog feel free to add critics, comments or… just redirect to other blog or web site… it’s just that simple… hehehe… Enjoy!

*One of the types of Javanese language.. yes Javanese... no Japanese... :P

1 comment:

  1. Haiyah label ny pake silly segala .. wkkkk

    Ayo kang nulis lagi.... ga usah shy shy cat gitu