Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's been a long while since my last post on this blog :)
The reason is just simply I got lazy and had no topic to write...

Recently, I enjoyed to have sunset jogging. While having jogging I usually listen to musics... Then some idea pop up in my mind... the idea is to listen to an audio-book while jogging so I can learn something and practice my English listening skills :)

Few days ago a friend of mine suggested me to read a quite interesting book... and then I searched for the audio-book version of it. And fortunately I got it...

Some chapter of the book inspired me to start rolling this blog again :)

One of the book chapter mentioned: "So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard it with your Life"
It explained by using the story of a strategist in china history, named Zhuge Liang who beat his sworn enemy Sima Yi "only" by using his reputation. It was the legendary Empy Castle/Fort. The tactic can only be successful if the user has absolute reputation. However, I won't give the detail of the strategy here... since I don't want to kill my reader... :P but the detail can be found easily by doing simple googling... if you're interested even further...

The story is describing the idea on how important reputation is. Another silly simple example is if someone has been labeled as a fart master... when there's rotten smell... it is common that person will be accused :)

A bit serious example is if you has been labeled as a liar, although you are telling the truth... no one will believe in you... In the other hand, if you're an honest person and you telling a bit lie... and everybody will believe in you... :)

The practice is also being applied in the real world situation. In my country, when we want to apply for a credit or mortgage... a bank officer will check whether the applicant is trustworthy or not... the first thing that bank officer do is looking for a at the black list which is released by Bank Indonesia. If the person is listed on that list, it means that the person has a bad credit history. In the other words it is difficult or almost impossible that the mortgage is granted....

This reputation thing will applied even though when someone has repent and forswear. Religious people said it is the wages of the sin. However it doesn't mean that I don't believe in repentance... I still believe people can change... :) However, I think repentance without any forswear means nothing...

Due to the fact, many people tried to change their life, maybe changing his/her identity or by going to remote place which no one know... just because he/she had committed something that killed his/her reputation.

Reputation is a lifetime tag... or even more than just a lifetime... another example is when Zhuge Liang already dead but still could beat Sima Yi by only using a wooden statue... yet again it's all because of the reputation...

And the history will label you as a person with a good or bad depends on how your reputation right now... :)


  1. Reputation huh.. something like "F*cking [insert a title here]"? :))

    But I think it's not applicable in Indonesia? since most Indonesian tend to forget stuffs (driven by media.. specially TVs)

  2. hahaha... don't use the F word in my blog... :)
    yeah, like every rules there always an exception... :)
    In some cases, however, this reputation things is still being applied although in our beloved country... as I mentioned when we are applying for mortgage or new credit card :)