Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trip to memory lane of 2010

Since today is the first day of 2011, I would like to say my greetings to all of you: Happy new year!

Well, this time I would like to share a list of some achievement during the year 2010. Mostly were my 2010 resolution that nearly almost everything were achieved. And yes 2010 was really a great year for me :) Although everything didn't run very smooth... but that's life... shit happen hehehe :P

It is not a show-off list, but merely because I want to list all of the blessing that already given to me :) I guess this should be useful to make me thankful, especially when I was down. And hopefully it will help me out to stop complaining about anything... as mentioned by some of my friends :P

  1. Passed the IELTS with band score more than I need :)

  2. Car-driving license. Maybe for other "normal" people it is just a simple thing. For me, however, it is a great achievement because I had to experience horrible car accident which took both of my parents. The "trauma" was haunting me and discourage me for almost 6 years. But the year 2010 I finally can manage the trauma and get the car driving license :)

  3. Mortgage.
    I can finally have enough saving to start getting a mortgage for a house. Although I have to pay the bill until the next decade :P and it is considered small... isn't located on the urban area... but I hope this should be a good investment :P

  4. Opportunity to work in abroad :)
    End of this year... I got a new job offer which give me a chance to have a training in abroad. And it was scheduled for 4 months starting January 2011. To be honest I'm quite excited, but also sad, since I have to leave this awesome island, Bali :P But I guess sometimes we have to make sacrifice for something that we pursue :)

I guess that's all of list that I think it will craft some memory in my life :)
Once again happy new year 2011! Let it be a prosperous and joyful year to all of us :)

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